Sekiu Jetty , The Straits
The tiny town of Sekiu (an Indian word meaning “quiet waters”) overlooks the west side of Clallam Bay and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and is a well-known commercial fishing and dive destination. The Sekiu Jetty is a colorful dive; you will see nudibranchs, Lingcod, rockfish, greenling, schools of mysids, sponges, red, green and purple sea urchins, amphipods, and sea squirts. The real treasure, however, lies amongst the rock formations to the left of the jetty. Ten to 20 huge rocks, up to 20’ around and 30’ high can be seen above the surface depending upon the tide, with many more below. A thick kelp forest, home to sponges and nudibranchs, lies between the jetty and the rocks. Some of the rocks are close together, creating narrow alleys that can be passed through. Depths among the rock formations can reach up to 30’. Divers have come across Puget Sound King Crab (a protected species) in this area, as well as octopi. You can also expect to see Wolf eels, Lingcod, Kelp Greenlings, Black Rockfish, Red Irish Lords, and Cabezon. Due to the potential surge and currents, this site is most appropriate for intermediate and advanced divers.

photo by Scott Boyd
photo by Scott Boyd