The Pinnacle,
Hood Canal

Located about 1/3 mile south of Wawa Point, The Pinnacle, aka The Seamount and The Mound, is a cone-shaped rocky formation rising up from the Hood Canal sea floor (100'+) and topping off at about 30' below the surface. The top of the formation is very irregular, about 30' by 60' with a rocky ridge running in a northeasterly to southwesterly direction. On the north side, a rock face begins at about 30’ and descends to around 45’. The east side is comprised of large rocky slopes and drop-offs. The ridge that runs along the top continues down to a small bolder slope on the south end, leveling off at about 85’. You will almost always find a pair of Wolf eels here. Continuing on, you can explore the west side, which is less dramatic than the east side, or follow a small ravine back to the top. Once on top, explore the rock formations and abundant sea life there, then work your way to the highest point for your safety stop. There's something for everyone here, and it's an incredible night dive!

This site offers the opportunity to see a lot of large sea life including Wolf eels, octopus, big Lingcod, and rockfish. You will also find Lithoid Crab in the cracks, Squat Lobster, nudibranch, and Red and White Sea Cucumber. At the shallower depths you will find gobies, warbonnets, gunnels, Grunt Sculpin, Sailfin Sculpin and more. This is a great site to test your identification skills.

The Pinnacle is perfect for open water or advanced divers, photography, and naturalist and night dives. The site is void of any sheer drops, making it accessible to confident beginners, as well.

photo by Scott Boyd
photo by Scott Boyd
photo by Scott Boyd
Photo by Mark Peil
photo by Scott Boyd