Pulali Point West Wall, Hood Canal
Pulali Point is located in north-central Hood Canal. The Point is on the west side of Dabob Bay, and is identified by a large green and white navigational marker. It is an immense and spectacular destination offering several different dives. The West Reef is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers who want to go deep! Descending from the southwest point of the detached rock off shore, you will reach the top of a cascading wall starting around 60'-70' deep. The wall is about 50 yards wide, and falls in a series of steep ledges, crevices and some sheer drops to over 120'. Continue downward to your desired depth and zig-zag your way back up, exploring as you go.

In the deep (beginning at around 60’) you can expect to see the wide variety of rockfish that live in the area. These may include Copper, Quillback, Yellowtail, Brown, Vermillion, Black, Blue, and Yelloweye. There are some large Lingcod as well as Kelp Greenling. In the cracks during the day you should find Hairy Lithoid Crab and Helmut Crab.

As you reach shallower water (15’ to 30’) the color brightens with varieties of kelp, sponges, tunicates, a variety of nudibranch and lots of crab, including Decorator, Kelp, Dungeness, and Red Rock. You will see gobies, ronquil and Long Fin sculpin, as well as warbonnets, gunnels, schools of perch, and maybe one of the harbor seals that populate the area.

photo by Scott Boyd
china rockfish
photo by Scott Boyd